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Building the Client Relationship

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Building a client relationship is much like building any other relationship and could make or break even the best marketing campaign. With care, compromise, and positive input you could soon be on your way to something very good. A budding client relationship can be very exciting, especially for the new entrepreneur. Much like a first love this relationship could make you quite giddy, but there are a few things to keep in mind to sustain this relationship for the long haul.


Sustainability and growth: Now that your relationship has officially started try these pointers for growth and sustainability to keep that business coming:


  • Be approachable and available to your clients. While we all have a life, getting back to clients in a timely manner with a positive outlook can make all the difference.

  • Follow through: Keep your deadlines and complete your projects to the best of your ability.

  •  Be responsible: Own your mistakes and confess to them ASAP if necessary. Also be responsible in advising clients of delays or setbacks as you go. 

  • Follow up: Be sure to keep in touch with previous clients and offer additional services or useful information about their current products or services.

  • Remember we're all human:  With many businesses operating online these days it's easy to forget that a human being is on the other side of our blazing fast internet connections. Try to see things from your client's perspective and remember to add little touches, such as email personalization. 

  • Don't spam: Please don't spam your clients or bombard them with emails or other messages. Much like any other relationship, no one likes a clingy counterpart.

  • Finally remember to start as you mean to go on: While we are covering relationships in general it's worth mentioning that not all are good relationships. People will treat you as you allow them to, so be firm and state your policies up front in a polite way to start off on the right foot.

I hope that this will help you to get off to a great start with your clients. However as I mentioned above not all clients will be so accommodating. Check out my next post for tips on dealing with a difficult client relationship.  Happy client bonding!

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 The Chameleon Approach to Business Growth, Disruptive Marketing


While it's likely that most individuals in the business world have heard the word disruptive bandied about in relation to marketing or business models it is sometimes hard to define or implement. In reality disruption is a simple concept with an age old idea at it's core. While the fact that business giants have adopted this model with rampant success may seem intimidating within a B2B model, it doesn't have to be.


What is disruption or disruptive marketing?


Disruption is a rapid change or upset within a market or business that changes ideas or methods drastically. This can range from product development, to adverting, to customer service as well. We are surrounded by these models and ideas daily without even realizing it. If you've used a Kindle Fire Tablet, iPad, Uber Cab, or Buffer, etc... then you have witnessed first hand the power of disruption. So just how does it work?


Anything you want...


There's a growing need to satisfy the customer as consumer control grows rapidly through the Internet with increased access to information about products or companies, and that's the exact philosophy behind this marketing principal or business model. Disruption is all about solving a client problem with a more appropriate solution than those on the market today. Whether it's easier access, a better fit, affordability, or more healthful options, people are always looking for bigger and better things. Disruptive marketing is all about listening to your customers and delivering. Of course sometimes it's about listening to the competition's customers as well and delivering when they can't or don't.


Rewarding Connections


After your product has launched or your service has hit the market you'll want to continue to listen to those all important customer comments. In today's world reviews and social media are also helpful to give you a deeper insight into the mind of your customers as well. If customers have a problem then you need to find the solution, it's as simple as that. Of course this means being willing to embrace change and provide new solutions in an ever changing market.  So keep connecting with your clients to remain fresh and relevant far into the future.

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Are You Underselling Yourself?

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Often in the world of business everyone is looking for a bargain. We all want to keep our overhead low and our profits high, everyone knows that. Yet, what happens when we undersell ourselves in other ways? Let's take a look at the effects underselling can have on your work and your business growth, while discovering what you can do about it right now.


I'm not that good...


Comparing yourself to others always puts you in a bad position. By comparing yourself to someone who is entirely different it's like comparing apples to oranges. How can you expect to have the same skill set as another individual. While you can, and should improve your own skills, don't long for the talents of someone else.


The fix:


Enjoy the talents that you have and use them to their full potential. While it's okay to improve in areas of weakness, it won't help to try to be something that you're not. Play up your best skills and get out there to make a difference now. While you are focusing on everyone else they are moving forward and you should be too.


I'm just a small company...


Most companies start off small. Microsoft, Dell, HP, Nike and so many others have become corporate giants from humble beginnings. Don't let your current situation hold you back. Focus on your current strengths and where you'd like to go while making a plan to achieve those goals. Remember if you're not moving forward then your only falling backward.


The fix:


Focus on your current goals and determine if they are truly in line with your long term plans for your business. Also be sure to make attainable goals, but feel free to challenge yourself as well. Accepting challenges promotes growth as long as you don't over extend yourself or your company.


I don't have the funding...


While we all know that money makes the world go round, it doesn't have to own you. With many funding options today you could get up and running easier than you could have ever imagined. In the meantime work on developing your skills and finding the other resources that you may need such as time or other individuals to help you run your start-up.


The fix:


With crowd funding, today's entrepreneur has many more options than the local bank for financing. Check out the Internet and see what you can find. You may also want to pool your resources and build a start up as a team with others that you trust. This can help you to avoid large amounts of debt in the long run.


In the end only you know what you need to do to get up and running, but hopefully these tips will inspire you to move forward. As with anything, building a business takes hard work and determination, but it also takes self confidence. Without confidence in where you're going and your abilities it may be difficult to succeed.

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How to Consistently Build Your Brand For Success

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Build Your Brand Consistently

As the image above shows, our branding efforts can either be phenomenal or one big flop.Even the biggest brands in the world were once just an idea. I've mentioned such corporate giants as HP, Microsoft, Nike and others here on the blog before with good reason. All of these companies have grown from a small idea into forces to be reckoned with, but how?

Some people point to one very famous company, Red Bull, with the best branding around this brand is entrenched in modern culture just as the iPhone, Netflix, and Hulu are.

All of these companies have taken the time to identify their consumers, deliver what they want, and have played on their emotions or sense of need to get the remainder of the job done. Of course through time they have all developed a certain brand image which they continuously use throughout all of their products. This image is what people will come to know. Think of the products you use from day to day. Most of us recognize the wings from Red Bull and the ever present Coca Cola Packaging around the world along with so many other popular products.


So what does this all mean for a start-up just getting off the ground?

Start as you mean to go on. Take the time to think about where you are going and who will buy your products as you tinker through your dream product in the garage. Create the image you want to sell and create the climate you want to foster.  When you have a look, run with it. Keep your site, packaging, cards, apparel, and any other materials consistent to make your brand stick.

Eventually people will know your brand on sight and you too may become a household name in time.

When you brand to make yourself memorable, you fight obscurity and the threat of becoming obsolete. In a sense you use self promotion with each product you sell and with every visit to your site. A logo can speak volumes for you as can consistent colors and catch phrases which can solidify your position in the market for many years to come.

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Why Do I Even Need Content Marketing?

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With so much focus on new marketing strategies and SEO practices you may be asking yourself why you might need to explore these topics.

 In today’s world it’s important to create relevant content to your business, but more importantly to make this content work for your business. Content is no longer a way only to present your business it is also a way to work your business. When working your business you can use content to up sale, connect with new users, engage consumers with new products, or to form a relationship with your clients. Content marketing can help you to reap all of these benefits for you and your customers.

Keeping your clients engaged with fresh content on a regular basis through content marketing is a great way to keep your site current.

It can help you to keep traffic coming in, but also keep the traffic returning. You can know that your clients are getting relevant information about your products. Forget fillers, fluff, and other useless content methods. Honest content that gives a realistic view of your products with engaging language aimed at humans is the best way to reel those customers in.

Content Marketing sometimes makes business owners cringe.Marketing can make you feel like a traveling sales man with a scripted purpose. You don’t have to make this the case. Just be yourself and show your company’s personality. There’s no reason to try and copy anyone else. Clients will be driven to interact with a business that’s real and honest with the latest information available.



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