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500 Tips to Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star Part Six

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Well, here we are at part six. If you are just joining us check out the first five parts to get started on your best content yet!


Brainstorming for Clickable Content Ideas

51)Content Ideas on the Run

Keep a notebook with you or use the notes app on your phone to keep those ideas on track even on the go. You might even want to try the Dragon Dictation app for iPhone as well to make it even easier. This app allows you to record text and email it, text it, and more. It recognizes speech very well too! 

Using a journal for your content strategy.

52)Keeping a Journal for Content Creation

Keep a journal where you can free write daily. Write down ideas you have, ideas you've used in the past, or competitor ideas and how these may have worked out. Keep a journal of product launch ideas, packaging, campaign ideas and more to draw from when you're stuck.

53)Drive for Content Ideas

Drive around and look at your neighborhood. See what's going on in your local SEO and advertising scene. This can help you to stay ahead of the trends in your area. It can also help you to identify a gap in services or topics that people are talking about. Use your content to fill those gaps and make your content marketing well rounded. This puts the focus back on your users or customers which keeps your marketing human.

54)Organize Your Content Ideas With Excel

Use Excel to keep a spreadsheet of your ideas. Section it off by website, blog, social media channels, AdWords, Videos and more. This will help you to create a content calendar later on. Ideas for each channel can be tied to specific pages and Excel is a great tool for this as well.

Using the Notes App for your content strategy.

55)Using the Notes App for Your Content Strategy

Use the notes app on your phone to keep track of all those idea. Write notes when you see a great commercial idea, a gap in service or product offerings, or a chance to teach your users something new about your product.

56)Read up On The Trends for A Fresh Content Strategy

Keep ahead of the trends on social, in Google News, with Feedly, and with your own Google Analytics.  Use social to look for new hash tags, trending topics, and memes that you can curate. Look for new topics on Google News to see how you can tie these trending topics to your brand. Feedly can help you to read the latest news in your industry or brand. Feedly is free and you can sign up easily. Set up your feeds to reflect your interests and check back often, it's as simple as that.

57)Keywords-Use those Google Alerts for Great Content!

Use those Google Alerts!-Keep an eye on Google Alerts to learn more about keywords that could help you build relevant content. This could help your SEO and help users looking for your products to find you more easily in the search results. It could alsow help you to repurpose previous content or create additional content to complement your exisitng content.

58)Make Use of Feedly for Your Content Strategy

Check out how to sign up for Feedly here to stay ahead of all of the industry trends!

59)Watch out for competitor ideas and knowledge from thought leaders in your industry for a great content startegy

Follow influencers in your niche or industry and keep an eye on their content strategy. Look out for ways that you can improve or integrate relevant startegies into your own content. Look for ways they may be failing as well and try to avoid these strategies or remove them from your current content strategy.

60)Read, Read, Read...and Then Read Some more!

Read, read everything you can get your hands on in your industry. Read blogs, press releases, websites, social feeds and more. Look at blogs and notcie the format, image strategy, and content startegy. Are they using a mix of content distribution methods? Are they using various forms of content? How do they engage their readers to currate user created content?


Stay tuned for part seven of our series on great content marketing and content creation!

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