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500 Tips to Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star Part Five

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Well, here we are at part five. If you are just joining us check out the first four parts to get started on your best content yet!

41) Assign a Content Creator

When you are working on a content strategy it’s important to be consistent. By preserving a consistent voice and style throughout your writing you can help your visitors to connect deeper with you. This will help you to develop your branding and grow an audience or following. It can also help to keep your content creation timelines on track for the creation of fresh content on a regular basis without a fuss.

42) Assign a Technical Manager

Your content manager can’t do everything. For this reason it’s important to assign a technical manager. This person would be responsible for the SEO, plugins, meta data, structured data markup, and the backend aspects of your blog or website.

43) Get Web Hosting

You need web hosting if you are going to create an online presence. Web hosting often has flexible pricing and there’s no need to break the bank when you are starting out. It is important to go with a reliable company though to be sure your site or blog has great security with as little downtime as possible.

44) Get a Blog

Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience.  I personally use K2 for Joomla because I like the simplicity of it and best of all it’s free. However other writers enjoy WordPress and it is fairly simple too, although there may be charges involved with this platform.

45) Get to Know Your Publishing Tools

It’s hard to run a blog or website when you don’t understand how to use the backend. Check out the documentation with your platform, visit forums, or checkout YouTube to learn more about your publishing tools for the best results. Your content will look better and your readers will be happier in the end.

46) Will you host your blog on your business page or on a separate URL?

You have to decide if you want to host your blog with your business page or not. If you do you can incorporate K2 right into your site. WordPress will install right in as well to almost any website. You can also migrate an existing WordPress blog into a website as well, but there may be fees involved in this method.

47) Locate Your Consumers

Where do your customers go? Find your customers hangouts online. Is it Pinterest? Maybe they enjoy Twitter more. Regardless it’s important to get your content out on the networks where your customers are to help them find you. Then be sure to update your audiences on these platforms regularly to keep them coming back for more great material every time you publish more content.

48) Delve into Psychographics of the readers

Readers are often influenced by images. Whether it’s the soulful eyes of a puppy or the steam of a warm cup of tea we all have been influenced by the graphics of a blog or website. Take advantage of this by using great images above the fold. You can also include infograhics or brief summary points in captivating images to draw your readers eye to less focused on areas of your site or page as well.

49) Developing Courses for Loyal Followers

If you have a loyal following that is begging for more then give it to them. Take all that great material and develop a course. Publish it for free or charge, it’s your choice, although, it might delight your readers to get a free gift or sneak peak if you plan to charge for your course. Courses can help to establish you as an authority in your field and demonstrate your expertise to potential clients as well.

50) Cash in on Infograhics

Infograhics are absolutely wonderful! Use infograhics to get a conversation going on social media and draw in followers. Use them to break content and emphasize main points as well. You can also use them to sum up an article or to begin an article and give your piece some direction as your reader gets started.


Stay tuned for the next installment next week, part six will have you rocking your content in no time.

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