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500 Tips to Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star Part Four

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Well here we are at part four of our epic guide to content. I bet you’re already feeling like a rock star, but I hope you are ready for more. Let’s get this content show on the road!

31) Survey Your Customers

If you already have customers then you’re in luck. Survey your customers and offer them a free gift in return for their time. Ask them what they are looking for in content, products, and services. Learn about their frustrations with your website or gaps in the information they need which you could fill. Look at other sites as well to see what similar companies are providing to see if there are gaps to be filled there as well.

32) Build the Relationship

Nurturing your clients is the best way to create lasting relationships. Start slowly by introducing yourself and your company in a casual way. This no time to make a sale. Gradually let clients explore your site and lure them in with valuable content on social media. Offer free goodies along the way and aim to provide real value. You’ll be growing your loyal audience in no time and moving those potential clients right through your pipeline.

33) Build a Team for Collaboration

We discussed having a content team earlier and it’s still important now. However, this means blending your sales, marketing, customer service, and client retention teams together to create a strong team for continuous branding. Building a stable brand with a consistent voice in a timely manner can be invaluable to a growing company.

34) Define Your Content's Mission

You need to outline your company in a brief 30 second statement that you could present to anyone. Then build on this to define how you can provide value to your customers. Landscape clients might enjoy a series on various weed control methods while beauty clients may want to learn more about hair styling appliances. Whatever the topic keep a clear vision and stay focused on providing educational materials with value that showcase your services and products in the right way.

35) Would You Want to Read Your Content? Make Content Fun Again!

If you wouldn’t want to read your content then there’s a good chance that no one else would either. Take a look at your content and see where a little fun might come in handy. Ask your team for input and look at what your competitors are doing. Gifs are a great way to bring back the fun too. Just keep them relevant to your industry and overall branding.

36) Set goals

Be sure to clearly define your content goals. When creating goals be sure they are simple, actionable, and measurable throughout the course of your content creation. Keep your content calendar clean and neat to reflect these goals and keep that great content coming. Be sure to check your stats regularly too in Google Analytics and on social media to see where your content can be improved.

37) What's the Culture of Your Content?

Is your content for moms’, business executives, teachers, children? You need to clearly define the ethnic, location, age, and gender components of your content where necessary to really reach your target audience. Be careful to keep in mind that some things may be interpreted differently in print and may cause offense in some populations or locations. Try to keep language neutral and respectful at all times for the best results.

38) Decide How You will Distribute Your Content

How will you distribute your content? Will you use social media, email, a website, forums, or maybe all of these methods? What about press releases? Defining and determining where to distribute your content can help you to get in front of the right audience at the right time.

39) Focus on Making Your Best Impression

When creating content focus on quality rather than quantity. Make sure each piece if well written or constructed and that it is well thought out before publishing. Be sure it puts your core message out there while providing value for new or established clients for your business every time.

40) Delve into your data to see into the minds of your users

Data is a wonderful thing. Data can help you to see time on page, bounce rates, how many established visitors you have, where your visitors are, where they go after visiting your pages, and which social platforms are most active for your business. Be sure to review your analytics often to keep abreast of any changes in your data to adjust your content goals accordingly.


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