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500 Tips to Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star Part Three

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500 Tips to Make You a Content Marketing Rock Star Part Three

21) Designate a Content Manager- If you work alone then you will be your content team and that’s ok, but if you work with a group then you really need to designate a content manager. Your content manager can help you to keep on top of your editorial calendar, build a great list of topics for you to choose from, and help you to stick to the branding message you have chosen. Your content manager can also help you to be sure that content gets published regularly and on time.

22) Outline the Approval and Editing Process Early- Be sure to set the guidelines for outlines, writing, and editing early. This is particularly important if you are outsourcing your content creation or working with a larger team for content creation. Placing templates and guideline documents in a folder with easy access for everyone can help to avoid confusion and lengthy meetings later.

23) Create an Editing Rubric- Designing an editing rubric can help you to keep your content streamlined, preserve your voice, and keep your branding message strong. An editing template is especially important when working with a large writing team or multiple writers at once for many types of content creation. It may be necessary to create multiple editing templates for each type of media or you can feel free to download our handy editing rubric templates below to edit them as you see fit and get back to doing what you do best.

24) Creating Case Studies- Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your products or services and are a great way to pass on the success of former or current clients as well with their permission. Case studies can be done on a variety of topics. For instance a pharmaceutical company might focus on the positive impact of a drug in a patient’s life. A fire protection company might focus on their successful fire prevention in a given area. Moreover, a marketing company might focus on the success of their clients in increasing conversions with their services. Creating a case study is like creating any other content, but your research, fact checking, and transparency must be impeccable to preserve the integrity of your brand.

25) Don't Be Afraid of White Papers-White papers are a great way to bring about awareness for issues in your industry or current problems that your clients or customers may be facing on a larger scale. White papers are typically shorter than a full case study and bring to light the major points of concern along with possible solutions to the issue. It’s important to present your solutions, how you could accomplish them, and any evidence you have in solving these issues in the past as well.

26) Show off those skills in a presentation- A white board presentation, making you or an expert for your brand the star, can help to show viewers your knowledge or expertise to inspire confidence in your brand delivering valuable content to potential or current clients. Create presentations on frequently asked questions making videos from two to five minutes long for quick guides that your clients are sure to love.

27) Always wanted to be famous? Let those acting skills free in your very own video!-Making a video about your company, new projects, rebranding, and other important topics for your brand is a great way to connect with your audience. Videos are more personal allowing you to forge a strong connection with your viewers. It also brings humanity to your brand as customers and potential customers get to see you to make an authentic connection that could inspire future trust. Just remember to be yourself and keep it relevant.

28) Gifs are the best- Gifs allow you to connect with your target audience on a lighter note or on trending topics. Humor is always a great way to break the ice, as long as it’s respectful and relevant. Keep an eye out for relevant trending topics and take advantage of them by posting attractive GIFS across your social profiles to connect with your target audience.

29) eBooks will stand the test of time-Pulling your existing content into ebooks may be a great way to go. It may also help to connect with readers who haven’t visited your site before. You can also choose to publish ebooks from scratch on the particular niche topics that your clients may be interested. Publishing these in the form of PDFs on your site or on a platform like Amazon Kindle can also help to raise brand awareness. Ebooks do take planning though so prepare to take some time to research, pre-write, write, and edit a couple of times before publishing. Also keep in mind that a great cover may attract more readers, especially on platforms like Kindle.

30) Keep User Experience in Mind- When creating your content it’s important to keep user experience in mind and consider how clients or potential clients might interact with your content. Clients accessing content on mobile devices will need links to be larger and clickable. The design of your site should also be mobile friendly and responsive to help users get fast page loads and sharp graphics for the best experience possible. Users should be able to navigate your content easily as well and find other resources if they have further questions or contact directly from the page they are on to view your content.

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