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Strikes Against Your YouTube Account?

Written by  Megan Spencer
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Strikes Against Your YouTube Account...what does it mean to you? 

Strikes to your YouTube account can really make trouble for you both now and in the future. YouTube has a set of guidelines that are both easy to follow and easy to violate. Take a minute and think about what might be considered a violation by the YouTube community. Copyright is usually the main issue, but we'll get there, stick around to learn how strikes happen and what to do if you have strikes against your YouTube account.

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How do you get strikes against your YouTube account?

Well, there are two types of strikes including community guidelines strikes and copyright strikes, both have different guidelines. As you can guess community guidelines strikes relate to behavior including language, video content, misleading information or scams, and explicit content that isn't allowed on YouTube. Copyright strikes are just that, they violate the copyrights of a company or individual for creative content that a user posts but doesn't own. In these cases, content may be removed and the user may be notified of the removal or the user may have content removed and a strike issued against their YouTube account.  

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Strikes against your YouTube account can be prevented.

Most strikes can be prevented by simply following basic rules of good behavior. Keep your language adult (not too adult though :) ) and keep your content clean. Avoid overly graphic and violent content as well because variety of users with varying ages visit the site each day. You should also keep explicit content off of your channel and remove any if it's already there. There are places for that, but YouTube isn't one of them. It's also important to consider the safety of others and their privacy. So if you don't have permission from everyone in the content, don't post them on YouTube without their knowledge. 


Copyright strikes can be prevented in a similar way. I produce creative content here and in many other ways for myself and for my marketing clients on a regular basis. It takes a great deal of hard work to make this content come to fruition. So with that said it can be hurtful to a creator to have their content stolen and may take royalties from them as well that they use to support themselves. So if you don't have permission from the artist or creator to publish or the work isn't considered public domain then it probably shouldn't be on your channel. This includes covers of songs. It may be your version, but the lyrics and musical composition belong to someone else entirely so think before you post. 


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What can you do if you already have strikes against your YouTube account?  

  • When you get a strike you will get an email to let you know that a strike has been made against your channel and account. The reason for the strike (explicit content, violence, privacy issues, copyright, etc...) will be listed in this email. YouTube has clearly posted policies on the content they do and don't allow. With this said it's a good idea to review those policies and make sure that all future content follows those guidelines.

  • If this is your second strike within a few months then you'll have to wait a couple of months to post any more content to your channel. You should be able to post again after a couple of weeks as long as you don't violate any additional rules within that time. 

  • If you get three strikes in a few months time then, of course, you're out and your account will be closed. 

  • Each individual strike is reported on your account as it occurs and remains on your account for a few months then it is removed when it expires after three months.


Want to learn more about creating effective YouTube content? Drop us a line and we'll be glad to take a look! Have a great week and we'll see you next time.

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