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The Secret to Digital Marketing Success

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 What do a rock star and a digital marketer have in common?


Digital Marketing Rock Star


What if you were a rock-star standing in a crowded coliseum as thousands of fans eagerly await your performance? What would you do?


Stars know that it isn’t just their vocals that attract the fans, it’s that emotional connection that really sells it.

Why though?


Well, if none of the audience members were affected by the band and their music then no one would want to come out and see you perform. They might as well stay home or drive around town listening to the music, possibly for free, instead.


Digital marketing is much the same!


Reaching your audience should never be the end goal, instead, it should be a mere milestone in your journey. A way of providing value to your readers or viewers in ways that will impact their lives or businesses in positive ways.


Emotional Connections in Digital Marketing 


Tons of content hits the internet every day through digital marketing. While some of it can be useful or educational, much of it is redundant or pointless.


To be sure you’re providing valuable content ask yourself these questions before creating your content:


  • If your audience doesn’t take any action does your content impact their lives in any way?

  • Will this content drive your reader or viewer onward through the buyer's journey?

  • Will you get the engagement that you are looking for from this content?



So how can you urge your audience to action or engagement through digital marketing?

If you’ve ever tried to optimize your content or conversions within your website, then you’ll know how important calls to action can be. So, this means, if you want engagement with your audience you’ve got to stir those emotions before they’ll take the next step. Although calls to action are certainly important, the process of creating content before the call to action may often be glossed over. When making that emotional connection you’ll need to create an emotional response to drive the engagement or conversion that you are seeking.


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