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Content is King, So Grab a Content Package With Us and Get Started Today!

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Content...we all need it, we all want it, and on the internet, you're dead in the water without it. Great content is so elusive that many have begun to think of it like an urban legend (I promise we won't have to hunt it like a Yeti...much :) ). Some consumers may even be saying, isn't all content creation the same? Don't all content marketing companies or services use the same tactics? The answer is no! One size does not fit all. Here at The Content Oasis, we want to bring back great content while allowing the personality of your business shine through to attract readers and delight your customers every day. Read on to learn more about our content creation and marketing services and discover how we can make your content King today!

There's no need to search for great content like an urban legend!

I'd like to welcome you all to our website which I have painstakingly created for us all to share a wonderful experience. I'm glad to have you drop by and I hope you'll check out the other articles in our blog collection here as well. If you haven't already, please take a moment to make yourself familiar with the marketing packages on our home page. We'll be discussing these packages today and how they can help you to drive traffic like crazy while becoming an authority in your niche to establish a stellar reputation online.

While you're thinking those packages over, let's talk about why anyone would need content creation or marketing services in the first place. Before the internet many companies, in fact, most companies used a marketing practice known as outbound marketing. These tactics included direct mailing, billboards, tv ads, cold calling, kiosks in local shopping areas, and many other tactics that fall under this umbrella. Consumers at the time had very little information to work with when purchasing a product and shopping or purchasing was often a gamble. Buyers could consult a few sources such as Consumer Reports or those that they knew had used the product before, but otherwise it was anyone's guess.

Often users had no resources beyond the media for product information, like TV ads or other media materials broadcasted widely to a variety of audiences.

When the internet came into most of our homes this changed forever. People were instantly connected with individuals from around the world. They could see reviews about products or services day or night and the purchasing space opened a great deal as well. No longer were individuals limited to small local stores, large chain stores, the mall, or the flea market. Now there were tons of individuals on the internet selling diverse items and products ranging from personal care products to furniture every day.

So a different marketing approach came into play known as inbound marketing, for more information on how inbound marketing can help your business please see our previous post on this topic. In short inbound marketing seeks to draw customers in while providing value through content that is relevant and shareable. This content helps readers come to you and ask what you can do for them rather than us blasting our customers with information about what we can do for them. So now we need to create website content, social media content, email marketing content, and we can also apply user-generated content as well.

Everyone wants to be the King of Content, but are they?

We know that everyone and anyone is promising great content around the internet so it seems as if all content creation or content marketing services are just alike, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Often when a client looks for content a higher fee may scare them away or they may be tempted with a quick turnaround. I'll just be honest, if this is you then you're going to get burned. Often those services will use article spinners, copied content, or poorly written content stuffed with keywords to "market". If you've already been burned I'm sorry for you and I hope it never happens to you again because most customers have been there at some point so don't feel too bad about it.

The difference here with us is that we will:

-Speak with you to determine what your niche is, who your readers are, and where your readers can be found.

-We will learn about your company, your values, and the personality of your business to let the real you shine through.

-We will personally craft your content to be 100% original and we will never use an article spinner.

-All articles are checked for keyword density before being returned to you to be sure that keyword stuffing is never an issue.

-Every article we create is run through CopyScape Premium to be sure that we haven't somehow taken someone else's words on accident so that you can be sure you never face a plagiarism issue.

Let us help you to create content that preserves the unique personality of your business to make you stand out online!

The big point here is that we are creating custom content just for you. So your content is the proverbial special snowflake. It will flutter around the internet in all of its shiny glory as your users, readers, and followers gain insight from it each time they read more. It will drive your readers to share your content and attract the eye of influencers in your niche as well because great content makes little difference unless it's the right content. I used to work in medicine and the saying was right route, right medication. Here the difference is right content, right readers, this is the magic, this is how successful content is born and we want to help you make it happen.

At The Content Oasis we help customers to find the best package to fit their needs or create an individual package for them. Our basic through premium packages all include content for the pages of your website. Our individual services listing helps users to get individual pieces of content to meet their budget. The content curation package offers you the chance to have us curate the best content in your niche and serve it up to your readers or followers to have them running back for more. Or if you are looking for general content for all of your content needs you can choose our content creation package. This package helps customers to get content for brochures, flyers, video scripts, case studies, articles, and more.

We know this is a lot to take in, but we are always here to chat. Feel free to contact us for any content marketing questions you may have, questions about the packages, or to get started crafting great content for your business today!








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