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Why do I Need Internet Marketing Services? Can’t I Just do it On My Own?

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Many customers have asked me this over the last couple of years. Why do I need a marketer? Is internet marketing a DIY project? Can’t I just do it myself?  Why should we pay for marketing services online? In this post, I want to discuss these questions to hopefully shed some light on the subject and help companies to make a better decision on spending their marketing funds or not when the need arises.


Does everyone need online marketing?

Everyone does not need internet marketing, but most could use these services. Businesses with no online presence and no need to be online to find customers and grow their business will not need assistance with online marketing. Sometimes spending money on marketing in the online world can be foolish for small local businesses, unless it is for a local SEO strategy through Google My Business, Yelp, or other online listing sites. So whether a business needs an online marketing strategy or an online presence is a case by case decision. I am happy to discuss this with potential customers though and I strive to never sell packages or services unless a client truly needs them or will derive benefit for their business from them.

If I need an online marketing strategy do I need a marketer?

The internet is a wide world with a great deal of competition so unless you are well versed in marketing or plan to be in the near future then yes you’ll like need someone experienced in marketing. For online marketing, you’ll need someone who is experienced in other mediums besides traditional outbound marketing tactics such as cold calling, billboards, TV ads, etc…

Can’t I just go the DIY route for my marketing?

Again you could, but why? Many marketing professionals, myself included, provide reasonable pricing for many services and can develop packages and proposals to fit your own unique needs. We understand that you have bills just like we do and we do our best to help you get the exact services you need without hidden fees or overpriced services. When you go DIY you may miss out on important opportunities to promote across platforms, tips and tricks learned through experience and the latest marketing techniques. We’ve already taken the time to wade through social media marketing, email marketing, and many of us are certified in inbound marketing as well. I am HubSpot certified in both Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing; this allows me to help my clients get the most up to date marketing tactics to help them avoid the expense, lost time, and detrimental mistakes when marketing their company.

Another important thing to mention here is that it’s possible to damage your online reputation or standing through DIY marketing. Google is very strict on what is and isn’t allowed these days. Duplicate content, keyword stuffing, article directory submissions on multiple platforms, and spammy content could all lead to penalties from Google. This means lower search engine rankings in the search engine results pages, meaning that customers will be even less likely you to find you online after these penalties. After all, most users never search past the first results page, so what do you think the odds of finding your company would be if Google moved you to the fifth page or lower? An experienced marketer can help you to avoid these and other costly mistakes.

Why should I pay for online marketing services?

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. When considering working with a marketer or marketing form you should be prepared to pay some fee. These will vary based on location, experiences, and services rendered. Paying for services secures professional advice, services, and expertise just as if you paid an attorney or doctor for their services.  While you will have to pay now, you will likely see monetary returns later as your business receives more traffic online leading to more leads and ultimately more sales.

A word of caution:

Before hiring a marketing professional ask them about their experience, credentials, and any results they’ve had in the past. For content marketing, you may also want to view a portfolio as well. You can view my HubSpot certifications here on the site and my portfolio as well. I hold an Associate of Arts Degree as well and I have two years of marketing experience with a heavy concentration of content marketing. For an example of what a website might look like if you chose to work with me feel free to browse through my site here as it is all my own work. All service packages listed on the right-hand side of the Home page layout my specific fees. If you don’t work with me that’s ok, but you should expect something similar from any marketing professional you are going to hire. You should also ask for a complete estimate with pricing for each item billed before beginning too and ask about fees for rush work, additional work added after the project begins, late fees, and any deposits they require upfront. We require a deposit of ¼ of the price of your project before beginning for any project over $100 and you may view our other fees and payment terms in the FAQ section of this site too.

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