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What are Backlinks and How Do They Fit in My SEO Campaign?

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Backlinks are a major buzzword in the SEO and digital marketing industry. When new bloggers or small business owners encounter the word backlinks for the first time they may often become confused. Let’s take a look at what backlinks are, the dangers of backlinks, and what they might be able to do for your SEO.


What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link on another website other than your own site that refers viewers of that site back to your personal pages. Backlinks can help to build credibility on the web and help more visitors to find your content and increase organic traffic.

How do I get Backlinks?

First off, Backlinks can be bought, this isn’t an urban legend, but I don’t recommend it. Buying Backlinks can be risky because of factors like reputation, relevance, or the risk of being flagged as a spammer by Google when you purchase thousands of links in a short span of time.

Instead, try to work with sites in your niche to exchange genuine backlinks. When choosing sites you’ll want to pick areas with a good reputation and without affiliation to scammy products like gambling online, payday loans, Viagra, etc…

Where do backlinks go on my site?

Where do backlinks go on my site?

Backlinks should be inserted into your content for others that you are backlinking to. Your links should also be inserted in their content when they are backlinking to you. You’ll want to place the links in relevant areas of your content for best results with your users and search bots alike.

When should I use backlinks?

Backlinks should be used anytime that they can add value to a post or page. Backlinks are a way to provide further reading for your customers/followers as well. This may increase the value of their user experience overall as well.

Why should I use backlinks?

Why should I use backlinks?

Even in today’s world with the long arm of Google law, backlinks are still a relevant SEO strategy. Backlinks help to build credibility for your site and can help to increase organic search as well. As your credibility and relevancy increase your search engine rank page results may also go up leaving your closer to the top of search results where the majority of users will be.

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