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Creating the Customer Persona

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When designing your content, branding, website, or any other facet of your brand you’ll want to be sure you’re reaching the right audience. Keep reading to learn how to create your customer persona today. Also check the bottom of this page for a free template to design your customer persona today!


What is a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a way to categorize the research you’ve done on your users, their patterns, their hangouts, and other vital information about your customers. While not an actual persona, your persona is a conglomeration of all the things that make up the majority of interests or needs within your customer base.

Personas help marketers create a variety of content, research keywords, and post in areas where their customers or leads are likely to be.  Personas can also help web designers to create better designs based on a tailored user experience.

In short personas allow you to tailor the user experience to exactly those you’d like to talk with in your website or marketing materials rather than shouting to the entire world and hoping that someone out there is listening.


What should be Included in Your Persona?

-Age- The age of the buyer may determine their use of technology, social media, and the style of writing that they may respond to best.

-Location-If your business caters to a specific geographical location you’ll want to tailor the information to that immediate area. Otherwise location could point out specific needs, pain points, or allow you to tailor seasonal promotion ads.

-Niche/Interest-If you’re site focuses on a narrow niche you’ll want to focus on the interests of those within that niche. Those looking for table top gaming likely won’t be interested in the same things those who spend their weekend creating French pastries all weekend would like to see.

-Buying Patterns- What do your clients buy? When do they buy it? Is the purchase a one off purchase or will they be buying more of the same product or supplies for the product in the future? Is the product seasonal? If so when do customers look for this product the most?

-Search Patterns-The Keywords Planner from Google can be a fantastic tool to learn which keywords are most popular in your niche. It can also give you a better idea of the traffic.

-Needs of the Buyer-If you have an established brand you may already have a good idea of what your customers are looking for. If not you can check around by browsing business similar to yours on the internet or browsing through local businesses they may have similar customers during their regular business hours if permitted to do so.

-Major Pain Point- In general we buy things because they evoke an emotional response from us or soothe an emotional response. Find out what your customers need to make them happy, ease their frustration, and help them feel at ease. This could be a variety of things such as taking the hassle out of tax preparation, providing organization services to business professionals, or helping to care for elderly to allow individuals to remain at home longer.


 Customer Personas Aren’t All Roses Though. Watch Those Thorns, Negative Personas Exist Too!

It stands to reason that if you have a vision of your ideal customer and can put this down on paper, then you’ll also know who would make a poor customer for you. Customers who aren’t interested in your product or don’t have a need for your product may not buy. Other consumers may be m ore concerned with brand exclusivity that your product may not provide. Other customers may be out of your target geographical area or target age range for a product. Gender may also play into sales of a product if the product is for gender specific health concerns. Other issues making a customer a less desirable could be lack of continued purchases, cost of customer acquisition, or individuals who may only need your content on a temporary basis for educational purposes or limited projects.


Where and How Can I find This Information about My Customers or Potential Customers?

The best customer personas are a blend of market research through competitors and your own previous sales, if you are already in business. Another great source is Google Analytics, which can be an invaluable tool to collect information on geographical reach, social engagement, and exactly where your traffic is coming from to help you explore buying or search patterns on your own site.

If you have a brick and mortar store front, freelance, showcase products at trade shows, or any other area you have direct contact with customers then you can gather insights here as well. Try to notice who your customers are and why they buy things. You will also want to take note of repeat purchases, add-on items within their purchase that may be used in conjunction with the original product, or support needs they have after purchasing your product.  However it’s also important to note why customers don’t buy products, such as cost or other factors that inhibit their decision to buy the product or to buy it from your company versus another retailer.


Why do I Even Need Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are well worth the time it takes to create them. They can help you to create powerful marketing campaigns and content strategies to target exactly those customers you want so desperately to get your product in front of. You can even segment your buyers to create an even more tailored marketing approach among each of your buyer populations to speak to each customer in the most personal of ways to nurture your leads for more likely conversions in the end. If you create a negative persona you can also remove those leads from your list that would be a drain on resources, time, and be unlikely to convert in the end. This allows you to put your time and money where you need it most.

Are you ready to Create Your Buyer Personas? Download our free buyer persona template to get started today!

Check out our blog next week to learn how to interview buyers or prospective buyers for your customer personas as well. We’ll also be publishing and interview template within next week’s blog post as well to help you get started.

Need help with your buyer personas? Contact us today to get started!





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