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Strikes Against Your YouTube Account?

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Strikes Against Your YouTube Account...what does it mean to you? 

Strikes to your YouTube account can really make trouble for you both now and in the future. YouTube has a set of guidelines that are both easy to follow and easy to violate. Take a minute and think about what might be considered a violation by the YouTube community. Copyright is usually the main issue, but we'll get there, stick around to learn how strikes happen and what to do if you have strikes against your YouTube account.

Strikes Against Your YouTube Account-1


How do you get strikes against your YouTube account?

Well, there are two types of strikes including community guidelines strikes and copyright strikes, both have different guidelines. As you can guess community guidelines strikes relate to behavior including language, video content, misleading information or scams, and explicit content that isn't allowed on YouTube. Copyright strikes are just that, they violate the copyrights of a company or individual for creative content that a user posts but doesn't own. In these cases, content may be removed and the user may be notified of the removal or the user may have content removed and a strike issued against their YouTube account.  

 Strikes Against Your YouTube Account-2



Strikes against your YouTube account can be prevented.

Most strikes can be prevented by simply following basic rules of good behavior. Keep your language adult (not too adult though :) ) and keep your content clean. Avoid overly graphic and violent content as well because variety of users with varying ages visit the site each day. You should also keep explicit content off of your channel and remove any if it's already there. There are places for that, but YouTube isn't one of them. It's also important to consider the safety of others and their privacy. So if you don't have permission from everyone in the content, don't post them on YouTube without their knowledge. 


Copyright strikes can be prevented in a similar way. I produce creative content here and in many other ways for myself and for my marketing clients on a regular basis. It takes a great deal of hard work to make this content come to fruition. So with that said it can be hurtful to a creator to have their content stolen and may take royalties from them as well that they use to support themselves. So if you don't have permission from the artist or creator to publish or the work isn't considered public domain then it probably shouldn't be on your channel. This includes covers of songs. It may be your version, but the lyrics and musical composition belong to someone else entirely so think before you post. 


 Strikes Against Your YouTube Account-3


What can you do if you already have strikes against your YouTube account?  

  • When you get a strike you will get an email to let you know that a strike has been made against your channel and account. The reason for the strike (explicit content, violence, privacy issues, copyright, etc...) will be listed in this email. YouTube has clearly posted policies on the content they do and don't allow. With this said it's a good idea to review those policies and make sure that all future content follows those guidelines.

  • If this is your second strike within a few months then you'll have to wait a couple of months to post any more content to your channel. You should be able to post again after a couple of weeks as long as you don't violate any additional rules within that time. 

  • If you get three strikes in a few months time then, of course, you're out and your account will be closed. 

  • Each individual strike is reported on your account as it occurs and remains on your account for a few months then it is removed when it expires after three months.


Want to learn more about creating effective YouTube content? Drop us a line and we'll be glad to take a look! Have a great week and we'll see you next time.

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Oh and check out this video to avoid strikes to your account today! 




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How Can I Avoid Marketing Scams?

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What are marketing scams anyway? 

Unfortunately, marketing scams come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From PPC campaigns that seem too good to be true to cheap SEO packages that don't do a thing for your traffic.  So how can you avoid these scams as a small business owner?

Marketing Scams 1

How did marketing scams come to be anyway?

As with anything marketing has always had its problems. In the early years it was directed more at consumers, but in recent years businesses looking to move online have fallen victim as well. Even individuals looking to start a small stream of passive income can easily fall victim to these tactics. As the internet came into all of our homes in the late 1990's the digital marketing sector saw an explosion of growth. The sidebar of Google was lit up with ads for everything you could imagine, pop-ups were everywhere and the internet looked a lot the old west with no law or order to be found. Many individuals were taken advantage of with get rich quick schemes and promises that a cheap website just couldn't fulfill as these tricksters kept reeling in more and more business by the day. 

 Marketing Scams 2

A few common digital marketing schemes include:

  • Overcharging for services that are underperformed or never performed.
  •  Inflating reporting from PPC ads or other traffic stats.
  • Selling packages that include many things a customer doesn't need.
  • Lack of transparency in work or poor workmanship on websites, profiles or content.
  • Writers who spin content without ever writing a word themselves.
  • Stolen images, music, or content presented to clients as original work from a scam marketer.
  • Pushing clients into services that they don't need or aren't ready for just to make a buck.


 Marketing Scams 3

So how do I avoid these marketing scams?

  1. Know what you want
  2. Work with a reputable company
  3. Remember if it seems too good to be true then it probably is
  4. Set a budget and stick to it
  5. Work with a contract
  6. Get references before hiring
  7. Never pay an entire amount upfront, paying a small deposit or half of the total cost upfront is fine though


 Marketing Scams 4

So what's the difference in credible marketing services? 

  • Gets to know you and your core values.

  • Markets within your goals and budget.

  • Keep it honest! A credible marketing agency is happy to provide transparent marketing reports and to discuss any concerns that you may have. 

  • Will be able to tell you how their services could help and present past examples of their success with other clients when asked. 

  • Will not push you into an up-sale and definitely won't begin with PPC advertising as your first option. 

  • Will grow with you and not promise things they can't deliver. 


Need help with your branding strategy or advertising materials? Drop us a line and we'll be glad to take a look! Have a great week and we'll see you next time.

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2018 Marketing Trends

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Check out some of the best videos on the internet right now for the marketing trends of 2018 for a successful year for your business!


We love Lever Interactive's detailed look at this year's marketing trends.




We also love the tips Neil Patel shares here in his videos on social media marketing trends in 2018



Of course, we also recommend Brian Dean's video from Backlinko for SEO in 2018 that you should master regardless of the current marketing trends.



Do you have any favorite marketing trends for 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

Need help with the marketing trends of 2018?

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The golden age of advertising...what does it mean to you? 

Close your eyes and let your mind wander for a moment. Let your mind conjure up the most extravagant of advertising and we bet you'll pull something you saw in the 1950's, 60's, or 70's to the forefront of your mind. Maybe you saw it first hand or maybe as a memory in a textbook from someone else, but we've all seen flickers of the golden age of advertising.

Golden Age of Advertising 1

How did the golden age of advertising come about though?

The early parts of the 1900's are certainly to be held accountable here. With the roaring 20's money flowed like water. Stocks were up, the Rockefellers were making bank, and people were looking for an easy jazz filled life to call their own. By the end of the decade though the stock market was whimpering and people were seeing the cold hard effects of Black Tuesday. A general panic had set in and in the aftermath, thousands of workers were displaced, the economy tanked, and people went into survival mode with a scarcity mindset as their last defense.  This created a generation of those who were careful with money, spent little, and was content to live with what they had, but their children longed for more. 

 Golden Age of Advertising 3

World War II came along next and rations, a sluggish economy, and a bitter taste in the mouth of many Americans from the Great Depression still lingered. Most were careful with what they purchased and often re-purposed items to give them a new lease on life. Folks were feeling strained though and longed for the good life. In America the American Dream is financial security and to pull yourself up to greater things from hardship. So when the fifties rolled around it was no surprise that everyone was ready for a change. So when the 50's came along a consumerist society was born and is still apparent in our culture today.

 Golden Age of Advertising 2

Advertising for things consumers want...

My grandmother lived through the Great Depression, in fact, she was born just a few years before it began. She got what she needed and had the essentials throughout her childhood, but wanting things was another matter. She'd often tell us to wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which got full faster. Her way of saying that you could wish all day but the reality was still going to be there. People were buying clothes, farm equipment, seed for crops, and basic household necessities. Each member of the house would have had their basic necessities in the best case scenario, but toys or gadgets would have been very scarce indeed unless they were homemade or hand me downs. 

So when my grandparents had kids after the war they loved spoiling them and us grand-kids later as well. The 50's brought kids toys in mass, televisions, more recreational sports, and bigger cars that shone like gold. Food wasn't scarce and rationing was over. Employment rates were good too and disposable income was back in the game. Consumer entertainment like movies, eating out, and drive-in shows were all popular. Music and records were selling fast and women's clothing was making a comeback in window displays like never before. Housework was also getting easier too as women purchased vacuums, washers, dryers, and more. So advertising naturally geared up for this consumerist economy and began advertising with the good life in mind. 

 Golden Age of Advertising 4

So what can we learn from this period of advertising? 

  • Know your consumers and what their goals are. Are they looking for essentials or looking to keep up with the Joneses? Do they have disposable income or are they living at or below poverty level?

  • What products or services are in demand in today's market? Without a demand there's no need for a supply. :)

  • Keep it honest! Some brands even during this time had issues with promoting things that their product could never accomplish or omitting safety concerns from slogans or materials presented to the public.

  • Branding really is important and often image is everything when a first impression may be your last opportunity to present your product. I've said it time and again, but I think Red Bull is truly the best example of this in today's market. 

  • Make an emotional connection or offer your consumer an emotional experience. We all like to feel good and as long as you're honest, there's no harm in promoting peace of mind, safety, or anything else that your product or service can truly provide. Allstate's Mayhem did a great job of this in recent years as does Subaru in many cases. 

  • Sometimes you can learn what not to do as well, so keep in mind that consumers have feelings and no one likes a politically incorrect or rude ad in most cases. 


Need help with your branding strategy or advertising materials? Drop us a line and we'll be glad to take a look! Have a great week and we'll see you next time.

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Oh and check out some of these ads from the 50's and 60's to see just what the golden age of advertising was really like for yourself!



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The Evolution of Digital Marketing

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Like a lot of 20 somethings, I grew up in a time of vast digital expansion, although I didn't grow up with a cell phone in my hand thanks to my being closer to 30 really. I did watch a lot of TV, listen to a great deal of radio, and play video games regularly. Why am I telling you all of this? Because this is my frame of reference for digital marketing, along with the internet which came with a horrible dialing sound for us in the mid 90’s. What was digital marketing like in the beginning though?


The Evolution of Digital Marketing 1

A pop and a crack, some static, the turn of a dial and on came the Lone Ranger...or so my Poppie (grandfather) told me. Suddenly millions of listeners were united around the antics of Tonto and the Lone Ranger. Throughout the radio show though they were united by another common thread too, their marketing demographics or group. These listeners would regularly hear ads for the products of the time (Corn Flakes, Lysol, Castile Soap and more most likely..maybe even some questionable pharmaceuticals from the past).


These were the first buyers, users, and marketers prospects through a digital medium and ads weren’t well regulated, some of them are horrific or look very unintelligent today, to tell the truth, but I digress. They were the first buyer personas as well and the prime way to catch them was during these radio shows and of course marketing to kids was a surefire thing as it is today to get them hounding the parents for the latest hot thing on the toy market. Of course, this was the roaring 20’s so disposable income was flowing and buyers were certainly buying.


The next few decades weren’t so lucky with the Great Depression and World War II though. It’s likely that when my grandparents were tuning into the Grand Ole Opry, or maybe the Saturday Morning Merry Go Round around here, they weren’t in a position to be buying the latest and greatest. So this became a new challenge for marketers to overcome. Learning more about how to reach customers and what they wanted was the ultimate goal, but the ads still kept running right behind Hank Williams or Minnie Pearl for sure.


The Evolution of Digital Marketing 2


Of course, the picture show (as my dad calls it sometimes still) or the movies, if you prefer, was also a great place to advertise, with previews and ads for familiar products. Of course, these were mainly aimed at kids unless it was at the drive-in where teens or young adults usually congregated for a night out, or maybe for shows at the theater later in the day. Now advertising was taking on a visual touch and packaging become more important as the years went by along with logos and color schemes to create memorable visual cues for potential customers.


Right about the time Queen Elizabeth II was coronated came the advent of the television into most homes in mass (1952). Television spread throughout the world and brought with it a whole new way to market. Catchy jingles and narration still had a place, but now graphics, demos, and visual proof were in the running too. Then there were Saturday morning cartoons, some morphing out of radio shows like the Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers and others like Captain Caveman stood alone when they came out a few decades later in the 70’s. These shows created again another way to market to kids and get them begging the parents for cool toys like Gumby.


The Evolution of Digital Marketing 3


They also created ways to market to housewives, who watched the majority of TV during the day (I don’t know when they found the time between all of that scrubbing but there you have it). So vacuums grocery stores, baby products, and the latest convenience foods were all on the market by the 50’s and being piped into the living room via ads daily. Of course, men weren't immune either with razors, tobacco(loose and chewing), cigarettes, and of course tools or tool chests. Advertising stayed static for many years with complimentary print advertising as a reinforcement in magazines or newspapers and billboards around town. Then came the internet…


    I remember the coming of the internet well at our house. The horrible sound of a coarse dialing that sounded like a monster being let loose from the bowels of the digital world...and my older sister yelling that she needed to use the phone to get off the internet right then. Of course I didn’t...what are younger siblings for after all? Yet, it opened up another avenue for advertising.


The Evolution of Digital Marketing 4


    Banner ads, pop-ups, email spam, sidebar ads in Google, marketing threw up on the internet and it took a long time to clean it up to a manageable level. With many ads leading to viruses with a PPC background internet advertising soon seemed as credible as a used car salesman to most folks. For a while, the internet was like the old west with questionable content and keyword stuffing on every proverbial corner.


     Now, like everything, we’re mostly civilized here in internet land and digital marketing has calmed down again for a time. We have valuable content, tasteful ads, and even ratings for ads or previews in some cases which adds another level of safety for young viewers. We no longer have questionable pop-ups of risque pictures gracing our screen in most cases, but ransomware is a new concern that still generates pop-ups to terrify even the savviest of users. So, for now, we’ll just have to take what we have and remember the wild world of digital marketing all the way back from the first time our grandparents or maybe even great-grandparents turned on the magic of radio and heard the Kellogg's commercials or whatever else happened to be the order of the day.








From time to time we all struggle with our content strategies, even those of us who've been blogging for a few years. Although it's tough when you start out too to get those content strategies just right. So what's a writer to do?

 Content Strategies 1

Instead of miring in the mud and trying endless tactics of perfections try these three easy content strategies today to get your content moving along the endless rails of the internet.


  1. Keep it visual
  2. Wash rinse repeat
  3. Provide value and usable products too when you can


Content Strategies 2

How do I keep my content strategies visual?

Well, that's a good question! Using a variety of channels and mediums can keep content fresh, engaging and memorable. A few ways to do this are:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Channel Art
  • Logos
  • Gifs
  • Company or team photos
  • Slideshows of products
  • Vlogging or demonstrations
  • Pinterest or other social media posts that are image rich.

Infographics- Use these simple images to create charts, illustrations, graphs, and quick snippets of information rolled into one to help customers remember the highlights of an article or product.

Videos- Use sites like Vine or YouTube to get those videos of products, demonstrations, and your discussions out to the world to help others.

Memes- Memes are funny and we all like to laugh. So why not try memes relating to your industry, but keep it tasteful.

Channel Art- When Using YouTube don't forget to customize your channel and add channel art to help viewers make a visual association with your channel and make your niche or company memorable.

Logos- Every business and blog needs a good logo. Make your logo relevant, colorful, and appealing to your audience to create yet another visual cue for your company and products that readers or users will remember.

Gifs- Humor and a memorable image are all you need to get this one working for you. Choose images relevant to your industry and again keep it tasteful to engage readers and draw traffic.

Company or Team Photos- Use photos of your team or company to help readers to connect to your story. Use these photos to create team stories or company stories as well to help readers learn about the most important aspect of your mission, why you got started in the first place.

Slideshows of Products- Use slideshows to show your products from their best angles or even group products together that would be complimentary for each to create an honest sale. The keyword is honest there, so we're still adding value.

Vlogging or Demonstrations- Readers love to see real people and love to talk with real people occasionally, so a podcast or vlog may be helpful here. Within these sessions, you can include product demonstrations, opinion pieces, interviews with industry leaders, or how-to segments to help readers learn even more about your niche or products.

Pinterest or Other Social Media Posts That Are Image Rich- Using social media with image-rich postings can attract more attention to your posts making them more engaging or memorable. Those interested in images, infographics, or videos may come into your site and browse around to make a connection with your company or niche for repeat visits.


Content Strategies 3


Wash, Rinse, and Repeat...Your Content Strategies


No this isn't a shampoo commercial...we know disappointing right? Well, the point here is that if something is working well for you then keep doing it. Just be sure to keep things fresh within your strategy. Look for new topics that are engaging, look for new images, check around for trending topics or interests within your industry.

Also a quick piece of advice, your image is yours and it's unique. It's made up of packaging, logos, color schemes and more. People begin to associate with that and it's important to realize that changing things rapidly or extremely can break that connection. Some companies have been successful with re-branding, others have not.

So the moral of the story is as you've always heard it...if it's not broken then don't try to fix it.


Content Strategies 4

You should always be trying to provide valuable content or products to users as a part of your content strategies.


There's already enough fluff content, keyword stuffing, and spamming on the vast universe of the internet so if that's your intention you may as well try again. No one is interested in that these days and most such pages produce a great many bounces. So always ask yourself why you are writing or creating content. If you're writing for traffic, shares, or rankings then you're mind id in the wrong place.

I write for three reasons:

  1. How-tos or valuable information to share
  2. Service or product updates
  3. To make a connection with readers or engage new readers


What content strategies do you use most? Let us know in the comments below!


Content Strategies




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How Can I Get Traffic For Free?

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When you’ve just started a site it may be frustrating and you may be asking how can I get traffic for free?


Well the answers are quite simple really.




First be sure to optimize your site’s SEO when your thinking about the question of how can I get traffic for free.


You can optimize your site by:


Being sure to use accurate keywords

Having a mobile ready and responsive design

Avoiding keyword stuffing

Being sure to connect social media to your site

Posting fresh content that brings value to your readers often

Writing with your target audience or buyer personas in mind

Keeping your content unique

Cleaning up meta tags and descriptions

Adding images and other media to make your site more relevant to readers


Keep on top of your social media if you’ve been asking yourself how can I get traffic for free.


Be sure that social media profiles are set up accurately and completely and that they are linked to your site.


Some other ways to utilize social media for free traffic:


Keep profiles up to date

Avoid spamming

Don’t buy followers

Be selective in who you follow

Be sure to post often

Interact and keep it human

Use a scheduling platform like buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance for continuous content on your social feeds.



Use YouTube to Your Advantage when you contemplate the question how can I get traffic for free.


If you have a talent for making videos, or if you just want to get the word out about your business or product then YouTube can help. Keep it short, simple, and provide value when shooting videos. You will also want to work in a space that has plenty of light and that is quiet.

Use YouTube to:


Provide product demonstrations

Review products that may be of interest to your viewers

Send out news messages about upcoming events

Have a history or fact day for your company or niche

Setting up an about video for your company


As you can see the question of how can I get more free traffic can be easily answered. There are many ways including those above to help you get free traffic. A few other strategies include answering questions on Quora, joining forums, blogging, and using a free press release service like PR Log to get the word out about your business or products.


Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? Are you lost when it comes to SEO, social media, or marketing in general?


Then contact us today to get started with your free marketing consultation and get your marketing off to a great start for 2018!

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The Secret to Digital Marketing Success

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 What do a rock star and a digital marketer have in common?


Digital Marketing Rock Star


What if you were a rock-star standing in a crowded coliseum as thousands of fans eagerly await your performance? What would you do?


Stars know that it isn’t just their vocals that attract the fans, it’s that emotional connection that really sells it.

Why though?


Well, if none of the audience members were affected by the band and their music then no one would want to come out and see you perform. They might as well stay home or drive around town listening to the music, possibly for free, instead.


Digital marketing is much the same!


Reaching your audience should never be the end goal, instead, it should be a mere milestone in your journey. A way of providing value to your readers or viewers in ways that will impact their lives or businesses in positive ways.


Emotional Connections in Digital Marketing 


Tons of content hits the internet every day through digital marketing. While some of it can be useful or educational, much of it is redundant or pointless.


To be sure you’re providing valuable content ask yourself these questions before creating your content:


  • If your audience doesn’t take any action does your content impact their lives in any way?

  • Will this content drive your reader or viewer onward through the buyer's journey?

  • Will you get the engagement that you are looking for from this content?



So how can you urge your audience to action or engagement through digital marketing?

If you’ve ever tried to optimize your content or conversions within your website, then you’ll know how important calls to action can be. So, this means, if you want engagement with your audience you’ve got to stir those emotions before they’ll take the next step. Although calls to action are certainly important, the process of creating content before the call to action may often be glossed over. When making that emotional connection you’ll need to create an emotional response to drive the engagement or conversion that you are seeking.


Need help creating that elusive emotional connection through digital marketing? Drop us a line today!

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Where have you been?

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Hello to everyone who has been reading my blog for the last few years. I really appreciate all of my readers and I wanted to apologize for being away so long. Recent events in life and the passing of my mother have kept me away from my office for a quite a while in the past few months. It’s been a long road, but I’m looking forward to getting back on track


To all of my business partners and clients I’d like to thank you for being so supportive. I know it can be hard when projects get delayed, but you’ve all been wonderful. I couldn’t ask for better clients or connections as I move forward.


I am back to the blog for good I hope and I’m looking to begin rolling out weekly content again as soon as possible.


I hope to put my first new blog out next week if things go ok for me this week.


Look for content weekly on Thursday afternoons most likely, but I’ll post an update if that will change.


Life is crazy, but I’m glad to be back. Look for weekly posts as we delve back into SEO, marketing, drop shipping, the craziness of social media and much more in the next few months. 

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What is Content Marketing?

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What is content marketing anyway? With so much focus on new marketing or content strategies and SEO practices you may be asking yourself why you might need to explore these topics.

What content marketing is:

  • Sharing relevant content
  • Sharing content that provides value to your audience
  • Using images, text, video, audio, and any other acceptable medium to bring valuable tips or advice to your audience
  • Using calls to action to bring the focus back to your business near the end of your content or in the middle as well in longer pieces
  • Using content to guide your prospects through the sales funnel
  • Using content to delight your customers with free guides or other incentives after they've signed up for an appointment, joined your newsletter, etc...


 What content marketing isn't:

  • Cold Calling
  • Mass mailing without consent electronically or by snail mail
  • Spammy links in irrelevant posts
  • Thin content reminiscent of that from a content mill
  • Spamming the internet with every piece of content from your website in every outdated article directory that you can find
  • Blasting content without a strategy just to see what sticks or pulls in leads

In today’s world it’s important to create relevant content to your business, but more importantly to make this content work for your business. Content is no longer a way only to present your business it is also a way to work your business. When working your business you can use content to up sale, connect with new users, engage consumers with new products, or to form a relationship with your clients. Content marketing can help you to reap all of these benefits for you and your customers.

How do I get started with content marketing?

Getting started with content marketing doesn't have to be difficult! You just need to know where you're going and how you need to get there. to begin with we suggest you complete a buyer persona template for every buyer persona you have and then discover the journey for each of these buyer's through your sales funnel. Then you can create relevant content to get them into the funnel and for every stage along the way. Keeping your clients engaged with fresh content on a regular basis through content marketing is a great way to keep your site current.

It can help you to keep traffic coming in, but also keep the traffic returning. You can know that your clients are getting relevant information about your products. Forget fillers, fluff, and other useless content methods. Honest content that gives a realistic view of your products with engaging language aimed at humans is the best way to reel those customers in.

Content Marketing sometimes makes business owners cringe.Marketing can make you feel like a traveling sales man with a scripted purpose. You don’t have to make this the case. Just be yourself and show your company’s personality. There’s no reason to try and copy anyone else. Clients will be driven to interact with a business that’s real and honest with the latest information available.



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